Which Type of Estrogen Hormone Therapy Is Right for You?

Even after you’ve decided to take estrogen replacement therapy (ERT), the decision-making isn’t over. There are many types of estrogen therapy in many different forms — pills, patches, suppositories, and more. The best type of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) depends on your health, your symptoms, personal preference, and what you need to get out of treatment. For example, if you still have your uterus, then estrogen will be given in combination with the hormone progestin.

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Alpha D3 0.25 mcg, 50 capsAlpha D3 0.25 mcg, 50 caps$69.00 Buy Now
Androcur 50 mg (Cyproterone Acetate) x 50 tabsAndrocur 50 mg (Cyproterone Acetate) x 50 tabs$249.00 Buy Now
Angeliq (Drospirenone 1 mg + Estradiol 2 mg) TabletsAngeliq (Drospirenone 1 mg + Estradiol 2 mg) Tablets$119.00 Buy Now
Aromasin 25mg (Exemestane) 50 TabletsAromasin 25mg (Exemestane) 50 Tablets$129.00 $159.00 Buy Now
Bandrone (Ibandronic Acid) 50 mgBandrone (Ibandronic Acid) 50 mg$299.00$539.00 Buy Now
Blastofen (Tamoxifen) 10 mgBlastofen (Tamoxifen) 10 mg$19.00$33.00 Buy Now
Circadin 2 mg (Melatonin) x 15 tabsCircadin 2 mg (Melatonin) x 15 tabs$99.00 Buy Now
Clenbuterol 0.04 mg, 100 tabsClenbuterol 0.04 mg, 100 tabs$145.00 Buy Now
Climara 50 (Oestradiol 3.8mg)Climara 50 (Oestradiol 3.8mg)$65.00$145.00 Buy Now
Clofi 100 (Clomifene) 100 mgClofi 100 (Clomifene) 100 mg$49.00$65.00 Buy Now
Clomid (Generic) 50 mg x 60 tabsClomid (Generic) 50 mg x 60 tabs$89.00 Buy Now
Clomid 50mg (Clomiphene Citrate) 100 TabletsClomid 50mg (Clomiphene Citrate) 100 Tablets$129.00 $149.00 Buy Now
Cyclo-Progynova (Estradiol valerate + Norgestrel) 1 mg, 3 x 21 tabsCyclo-Progynova (Estradiol valerate + Norgestrel) 1 mg, 3 x 21 tabs$114.00 Buy Now
Cyclogest 400 mg, 1 x 15 PessariesCyclogest 400 mg, 1 x 15 Pessaries$99.00 Buy Now
Cytomel 25 mcg (Liothyronine sodium) 100 TabletsCytomel 25 mcg (Liothyronine sodium) 100 Tablets$99.00 $139.00 Buy Now
Danogen (Danazol) 100 mgDanogen (Danazol) 100 mg$105.00$189.00 Buy Now
Danogen (Danazol) 200 mgDanogen (Danazol) 200 mg$149.00$269.00 Buy Now
Danogen (Danazol) 50 mgDanogen (Danazol) 50 mg$59.00$115.00 Buy Now
Duphaston 10 mg, 20 tabsDuphaston 10 mg, 20 tabs$72.00 Buy Now
Dydrogesterone (Dydrogesterone) 10 mgDydrogesterone (Dydrogesterone) 10 mg$369.00$669.00 Buy Now
Eltroxin (Thyroxine Sodium)Eltroxin (Thyroxine Sodium)$69.00$129.00 Buy Now
Estrofem 2 mg, 28 tabsEstrofem 2 mg, 28 tabs$57.00 Buy Now
EstroGel 0.06% (Estradiol) 80 gram x 1 tubeEstroGel 0.06% (Estradiol) 80 gram x 1 tube$39.00 Buy Now
Estromon (Generic Premarin) 0,625 mg, 100 tabsEstromon (Generic Premarin) 0,625 mg, 100 tabs$98.00 Buy Now
Euthyrox  100 mcg, 100 tabsEuthyrox  100 mcg, 100 tabs$29.00 Buy Now
Femoston Conti 1 mg + 5mg, 28 tabsFemoston Conti 1 mg + 5mg, 28 tabs$147.00 Buy Now
Fempro (Letrozole) 2.5 mgFempro (Letrozole) 2.5 mg$39.00$75.00 Buy Now
Fertomid (Clomiphene) 50 mgFertomid (Clomiphene) 50 mg$45.00$95.00 Buy Now
Letrodex 2.5mg (Letrozole) 50 TabletsLetrodex 2.5mg (Letrozole) 50 Tablets$129.00 $159.00 Buy Now
Livial (Tibolone) 2.5 mgLivial (Tibolone) 2.5 mg$59.00$129.00 Buy Now
Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) 10 mgNolvadex (Tamoxifen) 10 mg$39.00$69.00 Buy Now
Nolvadex 20mg (Tamoxifen Citrate) 100 TabletsNolvadex 20mg (Tamoxifen Citrate) 100 Tablets$119.00 $149.00 Buy Now
Norlut-N (Norethisterone) 5 mgNorlut-N (Norethisterone) 5 mg$45.00$85.00 Buy Now
Ovinum 50 mg, 10 tabsOvinum 50 mg, 10 tabs$36.00 Buy Now
Ovral G (Estradiol valerate + Norgestrel) 1 mgOvral G (Estradiol valerate + Norgestrel) 1 mg$29.00$69.00 Buy Now
Pexep CR (Paroxetine) 12.5 mgPexep CR (Paroxetine) 12.5 mg$59.00$115.00 Buy Now
Pinrone 5 mg, 100 tabsPinrone 5 mg, 100 tabs$59.00 Buy Now
Pregnidoxin Nu (Doxylamine (10mg) + Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) (10mg)Pregnidoxin Nu (Doxylamine (10mg) + Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) (10mg)$29.00$58.00 Buy Now
Premarin (Conjugated Estrogens) 0,625 mgPremarin (Conjugated Estrogens) 0,625 mg$149.00 Buy Now
Proctinal (Bromocriptine) 2.5 mgProctinal (Bromocriptine) 2.5 mg$59.00$115.00 Buy Now
Provera (Medroxyprogesterone) 5 mgProvera (Medroxyprogesterone) 5 mg$25.00$45.00 Buy Now
Provera 2.5 mg, 100 tabsProvera 2.5 mg, 100 tabs$82.00 Buy Now
Proviron 50mg (Mesterolone) 100 TabletsProviron 50mg (Mesterolone) 100 Tablets$149.00 $189.00 Buy Now
PTU (Propylthiouracil) 50 mgPTU (Propylthiouracil) 50 mg$25.00$45.00 Buy Now
Remifemin 20 mg, 60 tabsRemifemin 20 mg, 60 tabs$29.00 Buy Now
Steron 5 mg, 100 tabsSteron 5 mg, 100 tabs$89.00 Buy Now
Superdrol 10mg (Methyl Drostanolone) 100 TabletsSuperdrol 10mg (Methyl Drostanolone) 100 Tablets$129.00 $159.00 Buy Now
Susten (Progesterone, Natural Micronized) 100 mgSusten (Progesterone, Natural Micronized) 100 mg$45.00$85.00 Buy Now
T3-Max (Cytomel) 25 mcgT3-Max (Cytomel) 25 mcg$69.00$139.00 Buy Now
Tamilong (Tamoxifen) 20 mgTamilong (Tamoxifen) 20 mg$120.00$216.00 Buy Now
Thyro 3 (Liothyronine Sodium) 25 mcgThyro 3 (Liothyronine Sodium) 25 mcg$139.00$355.00 Buy Now
Thyrosit (Levothyroxine) 100 mcgThyrosit (Levothyroxine) 100 mcg$24.00$149.00 Buy Now
Ventab Dxt (Desvenlafaxine) 100 mgVentab Dxt (Desvenlafaxine) 100 mg$75.00$135.00 Buy Now
Ventab Dxt (Desvenlafaxine) 50 mgVentab Dxt (Desvenlafaxine) 50 mg$45.00$85.00 Buy Now
Xtane (Exemestane) 25 mgXtane (Exemestane) 25 mg$225.00$409.00 Buy Now

Here’s an overview of types of ERT.

Estrogen Treatment: Pills

  • What are they? Oral medication is the most common form of ERT. Examples are conjugated Estrogens (Premarin), estradiol (Estrace), and Estratab. Follow your doctor’s instructions for dosing. Most estrogen pills are taken once a day without food. Some have more complicated dosing schedules.
  • Pros. Like other types of estrogen therapy, estrogen pills can reduce or resolve troublesome symptoms of menopause. They can also lower the risk of osteoporosis. While there are newer ways of getting ERT, oral estrogen medicines are the best-studied type of estrogen therapy.
  • Cons. The risks of this type of estrogen therapy have been well-publicized. On its own, estrogen causes a slight increase in the risk of strokes, blood clots, and other problems. When combined with the hormone progestin, the risks of breast cancer and heart attack may rise as well. Oral estrogen — like any estrogen therapy — can also cause side effects. These include painful and swollen breasts, vaginal discharge, headache, and nausea.
    Because oral estrogen can be hard on the liver, people with liver damage should not take it. Instead, they should choose a different way of getting estrogen.

Estrogen is also sometimes not well absorbed, especially if you take certain medicines or have stomach problems. It may also increase your cholesterol, because it is metabolized in the liver.

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